I attended Meraki’s workshop, which was arranged by my company as a part of the diversity week. This particular program stood out from others as it was not only very relevant to my needs but was also an eye-opener. This program told me in simple language how reproductive system works and what are the things I need to work on before I start planning for a baby. This one thing that stuck with me was micronutrient deficiency and its impact on my reproductive ability and how easy it is to fix it.

This program is what today’s  working women need. It was  also amazing to hear about Pooja’s own story and her triumph over infertility. I have already signed up for her advanced program about freezing my eggs. A big THANK YOU to Pooja for coming up with this noble initiative.

Good Luck


One of the most difficult things in life for a woman is to perhaps come to terms with the idea of being infertile. It’s isolating and painful for the woman as well as for the couple. In such times, you need someone to guide you, help you and make you understand that perhaps it’s a situation which can be overcome.

During one of my low phases, I came in contact with Pooja Jaiswal and her initiative Meraki.

Pooja is an extremely positive person who is not only helpful but overtly kind as well. She makes you aware of new possibilities and her experience, understanding, and in-depth knowledge various issues that infertile couples encounter helps them overcome.

However, it’s not about experience but the most endearing thing about Pooja is that she makes you realize that happiness lies ahead and life hasn’t come to an end.
Her help and guidance have been vital for me and I have grown tremendously in the last few months. You might say that I have found a great degree of peace of mind on my journey. Pooja, I will always be grateful to you for your love, support and guidance. Thank you for everything.



Counsellors today have become extremely reflective about the nature of their discipline, perhaps due to the way the discipline seems to be expanding and dispersing. Pooja Jaiswal’s Meraki Life is a wonderful example that responds to the challenge of this dispersion. It aims at finding determinate solutions and methods to help people find themselves first and then look for happiness outside. It engages people at precisely those points where boundaries have become walls and there is a dire need of harnessing a fresh perspective towards life.

 My experience with Meraki Life has been very satisfying because I see it as a process and not just an end-result. The sheer simplicity with which Pooja operates is appreciable and her aim is not just to cohere around the central problem but also give insights into the broader problematic of contemporary urban living. Peer support, effective communication and ridiculing suppression – is Pooja’s alternative framework that paves the way for a natural, harmonious existence. It is utmost important to overcome our destructive delirium based on uncompromising failure, before expecting magic to happen and Meraki Life helps you on every step and at all levels. The aim is to evolve with rational ideas, amidst the pressure of social consequences, and preserve within us, at least some traces of delight, innocence and gratitude.

 Our lives today are so absorbed into the mainstream that we have stopped evolving. Pooja’s critical engagement with ideas, arguments and examples has helped me overcome the obscure, non-receptive, barren modes of self-apprehension that I had acquired as a moral prejudice. I now look around without constraint and acquire all those objective interests, which add normality to my existence.



The mere mention of the term IVF rushes many emotions through me, ecstasy and gratitude being first amongst the others.
After a long and painful history of endometriosis and adenomyosis, an unsuccessful laparoscopy to remove the cysts in the ovaries and a couple of failed IUI attempts, we had given up hope. Although we had heard about IVF, we had never seriously considered it as an option. In the meantime, my husband got an international opportunity to be in Germany. After some deliberation, I decided to quit my high-pressure job and accompany my husband, hoping that this change would bring about the happiness that we have been longing for. By then we knew that if we had any chance of conceiving, it could be only through IVF. After consulting a few doctors, we zeroed in on one of the top fertility clinics in Frankfurt, set up and headed by a specialist dealing with and successfully treating acute cases of endometriosis and adenomyosis such as mine.

I walked into my first cycle of IVF like most others do – with a positive attitude and a strong desire to make it work but unfortunately, it didn’t. Thoroughly disappointed and feeling let down, we met our doctor and together decided to change the protocol for the next cycle, which included inducing menopause for four months. At the same time, we were also determined to undertake any steps that were required from our side to enhance our chances of conceiving i.e. optimising my husband’s sperm quality and ensuring that my body was prepared for a trouble-free and happy pregnancy. It was at this time that I thought of getting in touch with Pooja, this super-woman who had conceived her second child despite all the odds. I had heard of Pooja from a very close and trusted friend but getting to know her would be such a game changer I had never thought. She was the one who taught me to believe in myself and even though we were in two different continents, she helped me chalk out a personal plan for the upcoming cycle. Amongst many of her suggestions, practising yoga, undergoing acupunture, following a balanced diet and a good fitness regimen and correcting vitamin D levels to boost the chances of conceiving, were the ones that stuck the most with me. Luckily, in my doctor’s clinic I had already seen a pamphlet for an acupuncture practice and I got in touch with them immediately. I also found a yoga guru, who focused on teaching me fertility boosting yoga – essentially yoga asanas that help nurture, support and strengthen the reproductive system. Meditation and deep breathing exercises helped me bring focus, reduce stress levels and balance hormones. In addition, I consulted a nutritionist for pregnancy and she helped me make useful and long-lasting changes to my diet. With God’s grace, all these efforts paid-off in the most wonderful and rewarding way when we heard that the second IVF cycle had worked in our favour. It actually took a long while to sink in and we couldn’t thank our doctor and Pooja enough, without whose mentoring and step-by-step counselling, our miracle may not have been with us today. Pooja was truly my best friend, philosopher, guide and a constant source of encouragement throughout the process.
Pregnancy was one of the most exciting phases of my life and all the hard work finally bore fruit when I held my most precious gift, Sitara, in my arms on 26.03.2015. Seeing her for the first time made me realize that all the trials and tribulations that we had been through was worth every bit of it.
Good luck to all of you out there trying to become parents and experience the most wonderful feeling in the world – of parenthood. I hope my story inspires you – sending tons of baby dust your way!