Plan your first baby:
We plan for almost everything. We plan for holidays, we plan for our wedding, we plan for a house move, we plan for our education but when it comes to planning to start a family all we do is quit smoking and alcohol, go off contraceptives and wait for the magic to happen. We fail to plan for the biggest and most important event of our lives. Do you know if you are at your fertile best to embark on this journey? Do you know how stress, long working hours, faulty diet might have affected your reproductive system? Do you know your fertile days in a month? Do you know if you are ovulating on time?
Plan your first baby addresses these questions. It’s a very simple ten-point program, which teaches you the do’s and don’ts of pre-conception planning.
It prepares you for your pregnancy. It teaches you how to achieve the right mind and body balance to carry out a healthy pregnancy.
This program is most popular amongst the corporate sector. Our program has now become a regular feature in many organisations and is getting some great reviews.