Dr Saher Mehdi

PhD, University of Durham

Saher is an established scientist with over 8 years of experience in the field of genetics and epigenetics. She works at the Dept. of Cardiovascular Sciences, KU Leuven, Belgium. Currently, she is working on how environmental and genetics factors can cause heart damage. Interesting, the fetal and neonatal heart has the highest regenerative capacity and can repair any defects within the mother’s womb or soon after birth. But as we age, this regenerative capacity is reduced to almost nothing. She is looking at ways to re-induce the fetal regenerative capacity in adult hearts.

Prior to Belgium, Saher has worked in Sweden and Oxford, on the role of stress and ageing on development. She has a PhD in molecular biology from Durham University, UK.  Besides science, she is enthusiastic about nature and food.

Her association with Meraki has been instrumental in bringing scientific rigour to the program. All the techniques right from yoga, reflexology to deep breathing techniques has a scientific basis and Saher has been key in contributing to the research-based literature that is available for our clients.  She is an avid reader and helps Meraki keep abreast with the latest research in the area of reproductive healthcare.

Khyati Gupta Babbar

Partner, Santulan

Khyati is a Partner at SANTULAN, a leading behavioural health and communication research firm in India. Her organization works with leading Fortune 500 companies, large Indian conglomerates, and Public Sector Undertakings.

Khyati is fascinated by the science of human behavior and has a particular interest and expertise in non-verbal communication. She is a pioneer of Body Language Training in India and is a certified body language expert and has completed her training under the renowned American psychologist Dr. Paul Ekman.

Khyati’s expertise over human emotions and mental well being has provided us invaluable input with regards to stress management and how to effectively use NLP techniques to restore a peaceful state of mind. We have her ongoing support in designing our programs and effectively reaching out to our audience.

For more details about Khyati and her venture, please visit www.santulan.co.in 

Dr.Sarah Iqbal

PhD, University of Oxford

Sarah Iqbal trained as a scientist at University of Oxford, UK and Scripps Research Institute, USA. Her research work spans from investigating molecular basis of genetic diseases to drug discovery. In her current job, Sarah is devising programmes to promote community engagement with health and intends to popularise science and scientific thought. Her strong belief in evidence-based health practices and holistic and informed approach to human well-being led her to support and advise Meraki and its various initiatives.Recently Sarah featured in Health Care Executive as one of the top 50 Wonderwomen in Healthcare in India to look out for.