Freeze your future conception:
Most women these days start working in their mid-twenties, get married in late-twenties and are at the peak of their career, eyeing for that next promotion around their early thirties. This is also the time when biologically they feel they probably can’t delay their pregnancy anymore. They do want to start their family but also desperately want that promotion at work.
Thanks to the advancement in the medical field, we have options available. Egg freezing (Cryopreservation) being one of them.However, women have very limited information about this technique. They do not know if it’s a practical enough option.
Under this program, we educate women about the modern techniques available, how to go about it and what are the pros and cons of  these techniques.
This program again is very popular amongst corporate and we have signed up with some of the biggest organisations to relay this program to their women employees.