Registration is now open for our upcoming workshop on infertility issues.

Location: Zorba The Buddha

Address: 7, Tropical Drive, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Ghitorni,New Delhi, India

How does it work:

Come join us for our workshops and discover a new dimension of treating infertility. Sign up for our upcoming event  by sending us an email. The workshop will have 15-20 attendees and please be assured that all your information will be kept confidential.

Structure of the workshop

10.00 am:

Introduction session

10.15 am:

Basics of Female Reproductive System
Basics of Human Endocrine System
Basics of role played by various hormones in conception.
11.00 am:

Tea Break
11.15 am:

Causes of Infertility
Brief understanding of Ovulation/ Fertilization process
Types of Treatments available
IUI/ IVF procedures explained
13.00 pm:

Lunch Break
14.00 pm:

Medical Practice in India- the pitfalls
How to identify the right clinic
Dos and Don’ts before signing up for IVF
14.45 pm:

Tea Break


The real reason behind infertility
The alternative techniques available
My success story
Discussion on some real life case studies

16.30 pm:

Q&A and feedback session

17.00 pm:

Session ends