Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What inspired you to take up this initiative?
A: This initiative stems out of my personal journey. I had issues conceiving my second child. And after a whole lot of research, I figured that my infertility was mainly due to my lifestyle. I was underweight, had nutrient deficiencies, was stressed out and was sleep deprived. My hormones were havoc. But by systematic changes in my lifestyle, I reversed these issues and had a successful second pregnancy. This made me realize that infertility arising due to lifestyle factors is a global phenomenon.
When I reflect on my journey, I feel there must be thousands of women like me out there who must have the same experience.  I want to share the time-tested techniques with them that came to my rescue when the medical fraternity had almost given up on me.

Q: Do doctors or specialists run this initiative?
A: No, this is an educational program that is based on extensive research done by me. I have had infertility issues for six years that set me out on the path of discovering holistic techniques for treating infertility. My success of having a baby is the driver behind this initiative. I feel I have collected a wealth of knowledge over these years, which I want to share with women who are experiencing similar issues. I do not hold any professional degree in this field, I am just one of you with some key information to share.
Q: Are these workshops only for corporates?
A: We have tie ups with some big organisations and we run these programs for their woman employees. However, we are not restricted to only corporates. We do conduct private sessions and workshops outside the corporate circle.

Q: How do I register for the workshop or private consultation?
A: Just send me an email, call me or fill up the form provided on the website.  We shall provide you details of the cost of the workshop and private consultation, payment options, timings etc.

Q: I am interested in you doing a program for our organization. How do I go about?
A: Just forward our details to your HR and we would be delighted to run a program for your organization.

Q: Are individual sessions available if I do not want to attend the workshop?
A: I would encourage everyone to attend the workshop as it addresses all the relevant information in detail.However, you do have the option of choosing individual sessions.

Q: Is Meraki linked to any Fertility clinics?
A: No it’s an independent initiative, which is not linked to any fertility clinic. In fact in the workshops, we talk about the malpractices and lack of transparency that prevails in this trade. We prepare you to ask the right questions from your doctors when you start planning for a family.

Q: I cannot come to Delhi to attend the workshop. What is the alternative?
A: Our corporate sessions are relayed through video conferencing facilities. As far as a private session is concerned, a Skype session can be arranged for people outside Delhi. However, the session will not follow the structure of the workshop.

Q: Does Meraki have a team of doctors or specialists that they recommend?
A: No we do not have any in-house team of doctors or specialists. However, we do bring specialists on our panel to talk to our clients about various techniques. The contact details of these specialists are made available to you at the end of the session.