Hi, I am Pooja Jaiswal Founder  of Meraki Life and I am so happy that you found me!!

What’s Meraki.Life: Meraki Life is an initiative that stems out of my personal journey. I was a typical banker working in the UK , clocking in  long hours, sleeping  at odd hours, eating very little,  stressed out due to steep targets at work, partying hard on the weekends. I was enjoying the work, the promotions, the party scene, the clubs and the pubs. It all looked hunky dory until I started planning for my second baby. Something was not right and month after month I faced disappointment. I had hit a roadblock. After visiting various gynecologists and specialists, I came to know that I had a medical condition called secondary unexplained infertility. Which means the doctors just could not figure out why I wasn’t getting pregnant.

This is when my experiments with infertility began.

 As perhaps every other woman anxiously wanting to be a mother, I met various specialists, went through all kinds of different treatments but nothing seemed to work. Three years passed and after several IUIs, one failed IVF, and one miscarriage I failed to fulfill my wish. I still remember vividly when I visited one of the ‘so-called fertility’ experts in India, who had no idea about privacy and sensitivity of the issue, and who after barely brushing through my now fat file pronounced tersely that I cannot become a mother, unless I take the route of egg donation/surrogacy. I felt I was standing in an electronic shop being talked by a pestering saleswoman. And that was the moment when I decided to take charge. I was determined to prove her wrong.

I started researching on infertility extensively and methodically, its root causes and the treatments available. My natural bent drew me towards holistic and natural cures and made me discover the healing powers of traditional yoga, Ayurveda, traditional Indian food wisdom, meditation and other ancient techniques. As I learned more I expanded my horizon to understand how my lifestyle, weight, age, etc. were affecting my fertility and whether there were any means by which I could address these key factors.

My learnings: Based on my research, I incorporated some key changes into my lifestyle. I resorted to some age-old techniques of acupuncture, reflexology, meditation, and yoga and through a disciplined approach, I started moving towards being mentally and physically more fit. I understood that I needed to improve my health to get better results.
Over these years, I have learnt that yes, your Gynaecologist or a fertility specialist can do their part by offering you the treatments that are available but before that we need to do OUR part. We need to provide a healthy body and de-stressed mind to our doctors so that their treatments can be more effective.
If we provide an ailing, stressed, overweight, under nourished body to our doctors, the doctor would not achieve much while using these sophisticated techniques.. It’s very important to fix our bodies first.  And this is what I did; I fixed my body. I healed myself mentally and physically connecting to my own self at a deeper level. The pursuance not only helped me as a person but also as a would-be mother. Within six months I had a successful IVF and was blessed with a second daughter in 2014.

Talking to the woman around me, I know there are thousands of woman like me who are in the same situation. They have same issues like me and have no one to go to. Our bodies need mothering before we take on the journey of child bearing. Our bodies need looking after and the needs are varied. We need to address our stress, sleep, food, nutrition, physical and mental well-being and unfortunately there is no forum or group of experts who can provide a holistic solution.

That’s how Meraki life has come into existence. My team and I want to reach out to the woman out there who lack information, who don’t have a support group around them, who are in this battle on their own. Our team wants to reach out to you and empower you with the knowledge that is key to a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Meaning of Meraki: Meraki means to put something of your soul into your work – to do something with soul, creativity or love. The meaning of Meraki truly represents what we  are  setting out to achieve. Meraki program is designed on the foundation of my experience and journey. It will make you take one step back, analyze and understand your body and state and bring necessary changes to help you conceive naturally.

Come join us for our workshops where we would cover some basic information about how the reproductive system works, we will tell you how a delicate and intricate system of hormones keep you fertile and how stress and some lifestyle choices we make affect our fertility chances.